We are looking for brilliant, ambitious, committed people to provide the best possible customer experience. If you are looking for an exciting and challenging role within a growing and dynamic business, the opportunity to work with great people and somewhere where you’ll be a part of something that you are really proud of, then apply to join our team.


Ice Café Supervisor

The Ice Café Supervisor at Alexandra Palace is responsible for the daily operation of the Ice Café including supervising a small team of staff and ensuring the delivery of excellent customer service. This is a full time position working a minimum of 37.5 hours per week (5 days from 7). The Ice Café sits within Alexandra Palace’s indoor Ice Rink and is open all year round. Applications will be shortlisted on receipt.


Enriching lives, through great experiences, forever.


To repair, restore and maintain the park and palace for the recreation and enjoyment of the public forever.


Our people are our most valuable asset.  We want to help each team member realise their full potential and we strive to provide a supportive, challenging and motivating workplace environment.

We believe that giving you the chance to learn new skills, knowledge and share your experiences will help us achieve our organisational priorities and your personal objectives.

In return we expect our staff to be committed, share our values and work to the highest standards.


Alexandra Palace values diversity, our strength comes from combining what we have in common, our shared purpose and values, with what makes each of us different.  We believe that people from different backgrounds bring fresh ideas, thinking and approaches and can help us to be more effective.

Alexandra Palace is committed to the fair treatment of all our staff.  We are committed to giving equal access to recruitment and selection, promotion and career development, training, pay and benefits.


We are Resourceful

We use what we have creatively to get the best results possible, solving problems and overcoming difficulties.

  • Determined to deliver, making best use of the resources we have
  • Personally accountable
  • Approach challenges and problems with versatility, creativity and imagination
  • Look for pragmatic and realistic solutions rather than just highlighting problems
  • Work with our colleagues to find answers, identify opportunities and ideas
  • Anticipate our customers’ needs and ways to deliver the best results


We are Collaborative

We work as one team, sharing ideas, knowledge and insight to achieve our common purpose.

  • Share learning, knowledge, insight and ideas with all
  • Pro-actively help and support each other – showing a “can do” attitude
  • Develop and build effective working relationships across all teams and stakeholders
  • Willing to learn from others
  • Value the inputs of others


We are Passionate & Fun

Our job is to put smiles on people’s faces, by being engaged and passionate in all we do. We deliver our purpose with fun and enjoyment.

  • Demonstrate pride, passion and positive energy in our work every day
  • Inspire others through our commitment and self-motivation even when it is tough
  • Actively engage with and support others
  • Look for opportunities to bring fun to our work
  • Take time to celebrate our successes

We are Open & Genuine

We are inclusive and diverse – welcoming all through our doors. We are genuine – we do what we say we will and do it in a way that is in line with our values.

  • Treat people with respect, irrespective of their opinions, beliefs or backgrounds
  • Listen, recognise and value the different contributions from others
  • Communicate honestly, transparently and effectively
  • Challenge behaviours that do not respect people’s differences
  • Take time to get to know others and to build rapport and shared understanding in an open, friendly and inclusive manner
  • Form relationships based on trust and respect
  • Do what we say we will and follow through on commitments and promises
  • Tackle difficult situations


We are Bold

We are bold and we embrace change – we constantly look for new opportunities and innovative ways of doing things.

  • Welcome change as a way to learn and grow
  • Experiment, try new things and be willing to take risk in pursuit of new ideas
  • Act as pioneers – pushing the boundaries in innovative entertainment and experiences creating and delivering new ideas
  • Demonstrate a passion for continuous learning
  • Deal positively with setbacks


In return for everything you bring, we offer an attractive range of benefits.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Palace and support many different operations. We have regular volunteering opportunities across the organisation.