Cllr Anne Stennett (Chair)
Cllr Sarah Williams (Vice Chair)
Cllr Dana Carlin
Cllr Erdal Dogan
Cllr Nick da Costa
Cllr Bob Hare

Val Paley – Palace View Residents’ Association
Duncan Neill – Muswell Hill & Fortis Green Residents’ Association
Nigel Willmott – Friends of AP Theatre
Jason Beazley – Three Avenues Residents Association

Cllr Anne Stennett – APPCT Board Member & Trust Chair
Cllr Sarah Williams – APPCT Board Member Trust Vice-Chair
Cllr Dana Carlin – APPCT Board Member Trustee
Cllr Bob Hare – APPCT Board Member Trustee
Rick Wills – Non-Executive Director APTL NED

Cllr Anne Stennett APTL Director – APPCT Board Chair and APTL Chair
Cllr Sarah Williams APTL Director – APPCT Board Vice Chair
Dana Carlin APTL Director – APPCT Board Member
Cllr Bob Hare APTL Director – APPCT Board Member
Rick Wills Non-Executive Director APTL
Louise Stewart Director – Council Employee – APPCT CEO
Emma Dagnes Director – APPCT Employee – Deputy CEO
Dorota Dominiczak Company Secretary and Director of Finance & Resources
Natalie Layton Charity Secretary

Louise Stewart – Chief Executive
Emma Dagnes – Deputy Chief Executive
Dorota Dominiczak – Director of Finance & Resources
Simon Fell – Director of Event Operations
Lucy Fenner – Commercial Director
James Atkinson – Director of Fundraising
Martin Keane – Head of Marketing & Communications
Catherine Solomon – Head of HR and Organisational Development

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