The East Court

While less hidden than the Theatre, the East Court was a crucial part of the East Wing Restoration Project. With its completion, the East Court has been transformed from the Ice Rink entrance to a multi-functional space that now serves as the hub for the Palace and our community.

Work on the East Court began in 2016 with the breaking out of the giant 1980s floor slab and the removal of miles of redundant cables and pipework. The next phase of work was the construction of a new sub-floor. With the floor work complete, painting could begin on the extraordinarily high steelwork.

Colour played a hugely significant part of the restoration work. Working alongside Historical Paint Consultant Patrick Baty, we unearthed original colour schemes that lay hidden beneath layers and layers of paint.

In summer 2018, husband and wife artistic team, Art+Believe, were commissioned to create an exciting artwork installation for the East Court floor to invigorate the space, making it fun, welcoming and attractive. With just over 1000m2 to play with, Art+Believe were set the challenge to create a modern interpretation of the work of the Palace’s forefather, Owen Jones – one of the most influential design theorists and tastemakers of the nineteenth century. The result is a bright, bold and contemporary artwork.



East Court Cafe

10:00 – late

Relax and unwind with hot drinks, sandwiches or a spot of Afternoon Tea underneath the East Court’s spectacular glass atrium.