Some Rubbish News

Litter is rubbish. Not only does it look unsightly and can endanger wildlife (694 species live in our park) but it costs Alexandra Park and Palace Charitable Trust a lot of money to tackle. With almost 196 acres of parkland to care for, those crisp packets and cans quickly add up.

Our park team and volunteers work around the clock to ensure we’re kept in top shape and each year we spend £140,000 to dispose of more than 120 tonnes of rubbish.


As a charity, we would much rather use our limited resources for the fun stuff – like bringing more parts of the building back to life or delivering more schools but every time we need to dispose of litter or tackle vandalism, much-needed funds have to be diverted.


You might have noticed that new signage has gone up around the park – gently reminding people to use one of the 75 bins provided or, better still, take their litter with them.