The Park

Alexandra Park is an essential green lung for North London, offering visitors an escape from busy city life since 1863. Today millions of people visit the Park and its 196 acres of land.


The attraction of public parks goes beyond mere escapism – they strengthen and enhance communities. Health benefits are plentiful – giving us the space to exercise, better air quality and improving our mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that a green view can reduce stress in just three minutes, and few places offer a better view than the Alexandra Park. Happier people means happier communities.

A pleasure ground as much as the Palace, the Park has hosted an eclectic variety of entertainment: a stilted village on the boating lake; a Venetian Fete and water fireworks; and a Victorian roller coaster. Jazz legend Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, and punks John Cooper Clarke and The Slits have all played the outdoor stages; a tradition carried on in our festivals. Biggest of all, the fireworks festival is an annual tradition enjoyed by thousands.

ap fireworks

However, it’s not just humans who take advantage of the Park’s facilities. Alexandra Park is home to 694 different types of plants, animals and fungi – including 212 different types of insects, 26 types of arachnids and the stag beetle, the UK’s largest.

Big and small, all of these species play a crucial role in balancing our delicate ecosystem. While many plants and animals found in the park are common to London, 38 species in Alexandra Park are classed as rare or protected by legislation.

The Park and Palace is maintained and conserved by Alexandra Park and Palace Charitable Trust. We work year round, with volunteers, Friends of the Park and partners, to ensure the Park provides access and enjoyment for local residents and international tourists alike.

the park